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International College for Teachers and Trainers is accredited by or member of internationally reputed educational institutes. Other than being registered in UK it is accredited by global accrediting bodies, which validates the quality of the course provided and the validity of the certificate.

Accreditations or Membership of International College of Teachers and Trainers:

CPD Certification Service UK

International College of Teachers and trainers due to its high repute and global standard of courses has been accredited by CPD Certification Service UK. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and CPD certified means that the training programs designed for educators and professionals associated with special education get the high-quality training to develop their skills and enhance their abilities.View Accreditation Certificate

World Certification Institute

World Certification Institute is a world renowned certifying body which accredits both organizations and courses by institutes. WCI is an authority on Occupational Certification and has accredited over 700 world renowned educational organizations and universities till date. International College of Teachers and Trainers’ TEFL Certificate Course is proud to be accredited by WCI. The World Council had only accredited the course after carefully checking all the parameters which included course content, duration and the quality of the mentors. The course certifications recognized by WCI will recognize the students’ acquired knowledge during the course and give them a chance to compete effectively on a global platform. View Accreditation Certificate

Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)

International College of Teachers and trainers due to its high repute and global standard of courses has been accredited by Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. QAHE is an international institute, which recognizes, endorses and accredits quality educational institutions across the globe. The main goal of QAHE is to support and develop quality educational platforms worldwide. International college of Teachers and Trainers is proud to be accredited and be featured in their website. The following had been assess by QAHE before granting accreditation to the institute.

  • Academic Quality
  • Qualification of Tutors and Course Developers
  • Delivery Platforms
  • Student Service
  • Website

International College of Teachers and Trainers needs to go through the evaluation process every year to maintain accreditation from QAHE.
View Accreditation Certificate


American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation (AAHEA) of United States of America- It is one of the oldest educational associations in the United States of America. It has set highest standards of education in the US and across the globe for the past 140 years. International College of Teachers and Trainers is proud to be accredited by such an esteemed organization as it increases the value of our course manifold.


Montessori Europe

International College of Teachers and Trainers is a member of globally reputed Montessori Europe. It strives to uplift the ideologies of Dr Maria Montessori and focuses on individual development of a child. Montessori Europe enables and encourages Montessori Pedagogy and we are happy to be a part of their endeavour.


Quality Council of India (QCI)

International College of Teachers and Trainers is a proud member (Member No: EDU/7076/2020-21- QCI) of The Quality Council of India (QCI) – a non-profit autonomous society registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. The organization is responsible for establishing an accreditation structure in the country and to maintain quality in India. QCI is propagating, adopting and adhering to quality standards in all important spheres of activities including education.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

International College of Teachers and trainers now has been found to be of the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2015. This certificate is valid for providing Education and Training Services. Certificate Number: IS/2106AC/3131. View Certificate

Northwest International University (NWIU)

Northwest International University (NWIU) is a globally recognized institution of higher learning under Ministry Of education, Armenia committed to providing quality education to students worldwide. NWIU is accredited by various eminent institutions from all over the world such as California University FCE and Georgia Secretary of state.
NWIU is also recognized qualified and fully accredited by the European Agency for Higher Education Accreditation, known as EAHEA. As a proud partner of NWIU, the International College of Teachers and Trainers (ICTT) shares NWIU's commitment to excellence in education. View Certificate



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